Shut the hell up and go back to the toilet

Don’t look at me like that

we so used of this hot heads

Let’s take a walk back to the past

To the filth that’s our raw sewage

We love the smell

I know being dished to garbage, trash,smash

We so let us be used by this mud filled hornets

We are so cheap we forget our net worth

Letting some stupid soul fill our necture

With ugly stink and filthy thought

We have fought a dozen time and killed each other

Just last year out house destroyed to tatters

My family split into political lines

Stupid clusters of who I support

This bustards.

I aint against the politicians I’m fighting the gangsters

Those who talk for us but live in their wallets

Gazing at their elephants

and turning stink into perfume

Making new rooms in tea rooms

Teeing off in greens

With wings

Parading the deeds of this sick breeds

Displaying it as a disease that so sweet to grip

Fighting for our rights yet sleeping with our mites

How are you paid to make a pit latrine

as luxurious a place as you do?

I don’t know but they do it

Lets not just curse without solutions

I do not say like the rest

“we give them a black out”

Then make the whole bulletin

A mockery of the ak47

Made to defend

But killing the defenseless

All I need is for you to balance

And show us the reality of things

Not just things

But necessity

Show us the starved malnourished kid

Besides the hot supped up Mercedes-Benz

Show us the menacing beggar peeping

into then newly acquired government passat

Show us me and the pain inside

besides the talk of no tax and such

Show how I die in misery as some government official

Meant to release my bursary

Is at some cheap hotel

Feasting on a minor, Dropped out from school

Dropped out to be

Just another prostitute

Show the real we, and he will address my problems

I don’t want publicity

I just want you to get out of that toilet



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